UAB Polywood − the exclusive partner of Praslas − has been granted with three certificates.

  • The NTR ® certificate for wood impregnation confirms that the company is entitled to treat (impregnate) timber with the chemical Tanalith E-7 (3492) according to the European requirements for softwood in the A and B classes. This certificate was issued by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
  • The CTB B+ ® certificate indicates that the timber has been treated with autoclave and impregnated with the substance Tanalith E 3492, and therefore, a long-term warranty can be provided to the products. The certificate was issued by the FCBA.
  • Finally, the CE ® mark of conformity is a very important and necessary standard of certification in the European Economic Area (EEA). The mark of conformity demonstrates that a product conforms to the provisions in the EU legal acts; therefore, the products can freely move throughout the European market.


Another certificate obtained by Praslas is the FSC ™, certificate license code FSC-C108621, which was granted by BM TRADA. Present (Forestry Stewardship Council) mark on a product guarantees that it has been produced from timber which was cut properly (in accordance with standards) and handled in a responsible and sustainable way. The certificate is provided according to principles and criteria, after evaluating the treatment and use of the wood, as well as ensuring that the certified timber is not mixed with illegally cut timber during the operational processes of the company.