Hardwood timber

Hardwood timber, unlike softwood, is most often used for finishing work and for the interior elements of premises. This timber is used for the manufacturing of furniture, parquet floors, and for art products. However, hardwood resources are fewer than softwoods, as these trees grow only in good soil and in warmer climatic areas.

  • Oak wood is durable, exceptionally resistant, firm and easily bent. Therefore, oak wood is ideal for manufacturing not only furniture but also parquet flooring. Great amounts of this wood are used for the manufacturing of buildings.
  • Ash wood is slightly lighter in colour than oak, and is heavier with medium decay resistance. It has a beautiful and soft texture, doesn’t split, is very elastic and at the same time is very flexible. Therefore, it is often used for the manufacturing of furniture and sports equipment.
  • Larch wood is decorative and strong. After steaming, it becomes flexible; thus, it is well suited for manufacturing curved and shaped furniture, especially chairs.


Taking into account our situation in the market, we are currently focusing on the following products made from oak wood:

  • Logs
  • Single-cut boards
  • Double-cut boards
  • Planks for manufacturing floors and furniture
  • Glued timber
  • Solid wood flooring


We supply oak wood from our storehouses located in Lithuania and Ukraine. Our main base, with a drying capacity of 850 m3 a month, is in Jašiūnai, Šalčininkai District.

Moreover, we supply the following exotic hardwood timbers:

  • African quinine (Bilinga)
  • Pink trumpet tree (Ipe tree)
  • Ironwood (Merbau)
  • Bullet wood (Massaranduba)
  • Jamun (Jambolan / Jambu)