About Us


UAB Praslas is a company involved in importing and exporting sawn timber of various types, operating in both the Lithuanian and foreign markets.

UAB Praslas operates in the area of importing and exporting sawn timber of various types, as well as trading in the Lithuanian market. The company began operating in 2000, and has already become well-known as a reliable business partner. We sell high quality, certified wood that conforms to the present high requirements of manufacturers and is ideally suited for various sizes of furniture, flooring and other products, as well as for construction companies and commercial enterprises in Europe and Asia.

Priorities of our work:

  • Maintaining our sales scope and our market share, as well as supplying new wood products to penetrate into further profitable markets;
  • Systematising our products through internal controls and management systems;
  • Maintaining a qualified, competent, responsible and motivated team.


UAB Praslas offers only the highest quality sawn raw materials in hardwood, softwood and rare woods!