About us

UAB Praslas operates in the area of importing and exporting sawn timber of various types, as well as trading in the Lithuanian market. The company began operating in 2000, and has already become well-known as a reliable business partner. We sell high quality, certified wood that conforms to the present high requirements of manufacturers and is ideally suited for various sizes of furniture, flooring and other products, as well as for construction companies and commercial enterprises in Europe and Asia.



Softwood timber

Softwood timber is very resistant to decay, has a uniform colour and texture, is easily cut, and can be planed and glued. Its intercellular cavities can be filled with resin, and it is preferable as a construction material. The most common softwoods are spruce, pine and larch.

Hardwood timber

Hardwood timber, unlike softwood, is most often used for finishing work and for the interior elements of premises. This timber is used for the manufacturing of furniture, parquet floors, and for art products. However, hardwood resources are fewer than softwoods, as these trees grow only in good soil and in warmer climatic areas.



All types of wood used for manufacturing purposes first have to be dried. Drying involves the removal of excess moisture from the wood, which can be harmful. Products manufactured from undried or non-qualitatively dried wood have a much lower quality and can change dimensions or crack when operated in a dry environment, or can be attacked by wood-destroying fungi in a humid environment.


Wood impregnation involves treatment with chemical substances to protect the wood from decay, parasites, changes of colour and to prolong its service life. Due to the effect of biocidal substances existing in the antiseptics, the environment of wood destroyers is stopped. After the impregnation of the wood, its resistance to heat increases, and moreover, the structure of the wood becomes smoother and its appearance is more attractive.


Certification and acknowledgement