Terrace boards

Terraces are currently very popular. They are a nice way to decorate a building, to flatten surfaces, to provide a comfortable seating environment or to extend the useful area around a house. Terraces made of natural wood are not difficult to build; however, they are an important element of residential houses, homesteads, commercial buildings and outdoor cafés. Therefore, it is very important to choose the proper species of wood, as well as its treatment method. Otherwise, after a certain time the wood can start to decay, or warp, etc., and the construction will become unsteady so that the terrace will lose its beauty and useful qualities. Most often, the frame of a wooden terrace is built using planed larch boards or impregnated boards made from pine or spruce. The framework is then mounted with planks made of larch, pine or spruce wood.

Praslas produces terrace boards from spruce, pine and Siberian larch wood, sourced from regions of Russia. Most often, boards with a flat surface are used as these are easier to maintain. When using boards with a profiled surface, it is easier to assure protection in rainy weather, due to a decreased likelihood of slipping. Profiled-surface boards usually are used for outdoor constructions, e. g. footbridges, bridges, etc.

Spruce wood boards

These boards are light-coloured, low-resinous and are resistant to decay. They are easily painted, and suitable for any paints. Moreover, spruce wood will only absorb minimal amounts of moisture.

Pine wood boards

Pine is one of the best species of softwood. The boards produced from pine are strong, resinous and unlikely to split. These boards are deeply impregnated using the chemical Tanalith E-7 (3492). Due to this, it is possible to ensure its durability and a higher resistance of the wood to atmospheric effects. A 20-year warranty is provided with these boards.

Larch wood boards

Siberian larch grows in a harsh and difficult natural environment; therefore, the wood is particularly strong. Boards produced from this wood are impregnated using natural resins. They are harder, more durable and more resistant to any outside effect, in comparison with the boards made from spruce and pine wood. This product is also ecologically safe.

More information can be found in our partner’s website www.royalprofilis.lt.